Our Results

The 6 guideposts of an engaged, high performance, responsive workplace can literally transform an organisation, one person at a time. When each guidepost is working effectively and in unison with the others, the following results are achieved:

  • STRONG CULTURE People are inspired to achieve and succeed for the business
  • PEOPLE LEADERSHIP Managers become more effective people leaders
  • PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS People increase effort and add value to the business
  • EFFICIENCY ASSESSMENT Barriers to performance are removed
  • PEOPLE STRATEGY Employment foundations are strengthened and leveraged to meet business goals
  • CORPORATE COACHING People are confident enough to use their strengths and talents for the business

We focus on results at every level of a business.

By supporting and reinforcing a connection, contribution and motivation culture amongst people the Business / Organisation achieves improved business results and a workplace that attracts talent.

By providing purpose and inspiring people to maximise their potential to enable the business to compete and thrive the Business Leader achieves improved performance and engagement.

By recognising, valuing and challenging individual talent and effort to enable people to choose to reach their potential and add value to the business the People Manager achieves improved impact to drive outcomes.

By supporting and encouraging input, effort and accountability the Individual achieves high levels of performance for the business and a happy work environment that supports and rewards enthusiasm, productivity and growth.


"While I have engaged consultants a number of times to work for me, I can honestly say where Andrea differs from the mainstream is her approach to working ‘with’ you to identify and implement the most optimum and effective solutions across all levels of the business. In particular, I have found Andrea highly effective in assisting me to create a work environment where my staff could utilise and draw on their strengths to promote and provide a more productive and happier working environment. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone who wants to achieve positive and lasting results."

ML General Manager

"Andrea is a quiet achiever and brings some great knowledge and experiences into business to help them flourish thru developing great people (employees). But to be honest this is only one of her focuses and will be blown away with her own business achievements and the projects she is working with."

SW General Manager Health Services

"We realised that pay increases alone were never going to make a big change to performance levels. Andrea came in and helped us to work on the relationship we have with our people and the positive results were fast and beyond our expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrea."

PS Managing Director Tourism

"Andrea helped us to transition from a small business with small business thinking to a medium size business with a desire to keep expanding because our foundations were rock solid."

YG Manager Fast Food

"Very few consultants genuinely work with you and teach you to solve your problems. Andrea is one of them."

PM Senior Manager Aviation

"When you work with Andrea you understand that we all need to work with our people more for mutual benefit. For too long we treated employees as resources to get the most out of instead of people with talents that could help our business to succeed."

MC HR Manager Government Agency

"Andrea saved us $1.5M on a $10M project - hire her."

PR Executive Manager Public Service