People Strategy

For any business the people management foundations must be strong enough to meet required compliance and to leverage talent. When a business focuses on compliance alone they do not drive commitment miss the opportunity for improved performance.

For many business leaders and managers, the people work is frustrating, time consuming and costly. Understandably, leaders look towards rules such polices and agreements to protect the business from difficult employees. Unfortunately, in our collective efforts to manage the risk of a human resources claim, we introduce restrictive rules that can impact the way we use the effort and talent of our people.

The balance is having protections in place and supporting an enthusiastic, productive value adding workforce.

At People Strong we use the know how to use the foundational people management structures to support, enforce and maintain a high performance culture and environment.

We provide support to people managers that need one off or continued support.

Our services include:

  • Human resources advice

  • Human resources strategy

  • Consultation processes
  • Case management
  • Staff attraction, selection and retention
  • Skills development
  • Training and workshops
  • Accredited Executive Coaching


I believe the real difference between success and failure in a corporation can be very often traced to the question of how well the organization brings out the great energies and talents of its people.

— Thomas J. Watson, Jr. A Business and its Beliefs (1963)