Performance Solutions

In most businesses, performance management practices are focused on compliance and productivity and rarely consider improving the commitment and involvement of the employee.

The most effective performance management practices ask the employee what they need to be able to do their job at the highest level. It is a partnership between the business and the individual employee.

The goals of the business remain the priority but the way to achieve those goals is built around utilising the employee’s strengths and talents, as opposed to a one size fits all approach. This leads to much higher productivity, greater levels of personal motivation and improved business outcomes.

Leaders need to be willing and able to work with employees that need differing things - some people want more or less autonomy, more or less challenge or more or less input. By flexibly supporting your people’s needs you enable higher performance and create engagement.

People Strong works with businesses to enable people to fully contribute and take responsibility for their outcomes.

Employees who feel engaged in their tasks do a better job, are less likely to make mistakes, and bring more energy, dedication and vigour into their performance. There is also mounting evidence that higher levels of engagement correlate with lower turnover and less absenteeism. Thus, it makes sense to focus on employee engagement as part of the performance management process.

- University of Toronto