How we can help you to optimise your business assets

We provide solutions based on the unique needs and requirements of a business.

Our focus is on improvement and providing real added value to our clients. We'll show you what you can do and help you to take  advantage of the hidden potential in your business.

We help businesses to become better at selling, attracting and recruiting talent, innovating, and leading and engaging employees to limit lost productivity and improve earnings and profit potential.

We do this through:

  • Mentoring and Coaching programs - we work with key decision makers to introduce and manage changes
  • Strategy development and implementation in the areas of
    • 10% Productivity Action Plan
    • Cultural Change
    • Leadership
    • Attraction and Retention
    • Employee and Customer Engagement
    • People and Performance Management
    • Classification Structures linked to behavioural capability
  • Workshops – we work with teams to motivate and problem solve through collaboration
  • Blog and publications – keeping our clients updated on emerging opportunities and providing free resources

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10% Productivity Action Plan

Let's find your 10%

Did you know that Cairns has billions of dollars of preventable productivity losses every year that don’t show up as obvious costs to the business?

Some key areas are:

  • $178 million loss through staff disengagement / turnover
  • 10% to 30% loss of productivity through poor workplace cultures
  • 34 days per manager per year lost by managers dealing with under-performing staff
  • $780 million loss through ineffective management and leadership practices

If businesses do not become better at selling, attracting and recruiting talent, innovating, and leading and engaging employees, lost productivity will limit earnings and profit potential.

The People Strong 10% Productivity Action Plan will find the leaks in your business and provide easy actions for you to make more money with the assets and resources you already have. 

Every business needs to find and use their competitive advantage. This is what People Strong helps businesses to do.

Key Benefits of the Plan:

  • Customised analysis of opportunities to leverage existing assets
  • Focuses on the crucial areas that deliver results in business
  • Simple strategies to improve the performance of your business
  • Practical action steps - what to do and how to do it
  • Ongoing implementation support
  • Value for money
  • 10% Productivity Action Plan priced from $1250.00 

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